Oxus Aviation has a wealth of experience in the procurement and provision of used aircraft seats in shipset quantities.

Oxus Aviation previously focused on the purchase and sale of aircraft seats exclusively. We have traded over 100 shipsets or approximately 15,000 passenger aircraft seats to airlines and leasing companies around the world. In a short period of time Oxus Aviation has become one of the world's largest supplier of used seats.

We recognize that aircraft cabin design and quality is critical to the success of an airline and for that reason our aim is to supply the highest quality used seats in the industry. Though we buy and sell seats cross-cabin, for all models and variants of commercial aircraft, our core focus is narrow-body economy class seats which we will typically overhaul or repair and supply with serviceability tags.

We work closely with the some of the largest and most accredited seat repair facilities in Europe and North America to ensure that our seats are repaired to the highest specification. Our commercial team liaise with the engineers to attain the most feasible and technically sound solution for any aircraft layout plan while still meeting the demands of our customers. We are able to assist with larger fleet refurbishment projects as well.

We are constantly seeking to add seats to our inventory and would be interested in purchasing shipsets of seats coming off operated aircraft. Please contact us for further information.